We Seen A Filme!

Hello and welcome back to I Seen A Filme!

where you been I was worried.

well we were real busy this last few years working on our own Filme which will be out in hollywood sometime. Oh really. Yeah sure. Whats your incredible filme about. I cant say or else Dad will get upset. Oh.

So anyhow we seen a filme recently.

Studio audience: What Filme!

this one was Blad Ruiner or whatever! Oh thats olde you might think. No sir. This was the new one.


Blad Ruiner 2014 or whatever. Whats that about. Well its got some olde friends in it who done whatever and then we got some new buddy’s too. Like whom! Who cares.

Whats a Blad Ruiner well its when they look for robits and then tell em jokes or something I dunno.


In conclusion this filme gets 48 GART B*tts out of whatever


Landlord Seen A Filme!

Well if it isn’t Uncle Landlord. Hes here with another Filme Review. Why. Stop askin so many questions ya little………………………………………..

I seen a filme! What filme. The filme I seen was Dear Mr Watterson, which is a documentary about Calvin and Hobbes. My expectations were admittedly somewhat high cuz I loved that comic as a kid and owned several of the books…but its honestly p boring and kinda lame. Why! Because its got very little about Bill Watterson himself other than “hes real reclusive!” and the rest of the movie is just a bunch of fans of his stuff or other cartoonists being all like “Oh yeah I like him lol!”. It’d be like if you did a documentary on the Beatles and just talked to a bunch of people who talked about how much they like their music rather than like…anyone directly affiliated with them.

I Seen Part Of A Filme!

Oh great how fascinating. Another purposely misspelled movie “review.” Heh.

Well lets hear it.

This Filme was put on after the gar. I mean the bar! Why! Well it seemed like a plan. Of what you say. Of a thing to do. THINGS to DO????

Anyway this filme was Godzilla. Why! I dunno thats the name. So how were it. Well in this filme theres a lizard and some guys doin yells. We ate pizza during the viewing of this filme. What happened in it! Well I dunno I was busy at the time.

Then everyone passed out during the viewing of this filme! Uh oh! When Daddy woke up at 3:30am it was still playing.

Hope this assists you.

I Seen A Filme!

I seen a filme! What one was it this time. This one was Upset Max!

Whats he so angry about.

Well it turns out they took his car like in that filme Hey Wheres My Car. Why. The reason will SHOCK you!

It was because it was a pretty nice car. Oh thats not shocking at all that actually makes sense.

What else.

Well theres a Lady in this filme plus some other guys. What guys! Well they must buy clothes at the Such As Emporium because theres tons of stuff. Many of these men are Uncles! How’d you know. Well it makes sense if you think about it.

Anyway the lady in this filme does a thinks. Of what you say! Well of how to pop wheelies and stuff.

This filme get’s six Gars out of Bruce.