Landlord Seen A Filme!

this filme was seen last year sometime. why. because thats when it happened ya dummy. also it was seen by Landlord. ok.

Last Filme I seen was The French Connection. Whats that. Well it’s a movie! Oh ok that’s why you said it was a Filme huh. Yes that is why *Sips Sprite* Why did you buy Diet Sprite it is not very good. Oh right I forgot that Diane is border diabetic.

 This particular Filme was manufactured in the early 1970s. It stars a guy who is Gene Hackman who recently fell off a bike doing Olds. In this movie he isn’t doing Olds yet. He is named Popeye in it. Does he eat Spinach. No he does not.

 Ok enough of this funny stuff what is the story of the filme. Well its about NY drug dealers getting drugs from France from a lucrative dealer of them drugs or something. They transport them in cars that they hide them in the floor panels of and then abandon em and let em get towed and then bid on them at police auctions to get theme. Oh that’s an interesting concept. Yes but there is problems. What kind. It’s the cops. This diet sprite isn’t so bad in vodka actually.

 Would you recommend it. Yes I would it was p good. Did you like it. Yes I did I would say it was p good.


I Seen A Filme!

ed note: We Seen This Filme on 2/12/13!!

I seen a filme!  What filme. WHY!

It was called The Hamster or whatever! It were! What was it aboutte. It had a guy and he did some ***** and then he seen uncle Mustache!


I dunno cuz……………………Reasons

 Okay! That ain’t helpful!

Sorry it had a things for dos and some ****s and I seen a ****!!!! What ****.

What was the best part.

Oh the best was when Uncle Mustache was in jail with the guy and he did a Loud **** in the turlet L O L!

Was it good. I don’t know. why not. I said I don’t know!