I Seen A Filme! (classic edition)

What filme was it!

This filme was the Fifth Element. Like the movie. Yes what did I just say. Oh well this filme has a GART quote so stay tuned. Anyway what filme. I already said. Okay why!

Well we seen this filme in the theatre! What! Yes correct this was at St. Croix Cinema FIIIIIIIVE or whatever. What the! How come! Well. This was back in (checks Pedias) 1997 when grunge was king. No it wasn’t! Oh your (sic) right this was in 1997 when Pennywise was king. The clown. No the band ya dummy! They weren’t king. Well yuh-huh.

Anyway this filme had Mila Javawitch and also Bruce!! LOL! I seen a Bruce! Which bruce. Willisit!

This filme was rated PG-13 but you seen some ***s at various intervals which was cool. How come. Because I was 14 at the time I seen this filme. Where. I already explained that. Oh well why you bringin this up. Anyway I seen this filme with my buddy Ryan and his parents! Oh! We liked the filme it had some stuff in it we seen.

When we got in the car after the filme his dad was like WHY DIDN’T THAT ORANGE HAIR GIRL HAVE BIGGER ***S and I was like uh oh! Then Ryan instantly replied “she didn’t NEED them, DAD.”

See you next time!

I Seen A Filme! (classic edition) was brought to you by Ryan’s parents in a station wagon.


I Seen A Filme!

Yes yes that’s right folks please hold the applause its time once again to tell you a thing! What thing.

I Seen A Filme!


What filme.

This filme really puts up a brick! What does that mean! Well lets just say it was built from the ground up! Oh really. In fact, you could say, I need you to Lego my Eggo! What the hell are you even saying. It’s the Lego Movie ya dummy. The one with some stuff in it!


…well anyway this filme had some good stuff in it. It did Them Joke’s. Why! Because it’s a filme ya dummy. What else. It had voices from Famous’s like whatsisname and his buddy that other guy. Oh how helpful!

Well how were it. It were p. enjoyable for what it was. How so. Well it was PG but Pretty Good! I guess! What are you saying you are a child. I dunno!

See you next time!