I Seen A Filme!

Knock knock!

Whos their lol

A filme!

What filme!


This one was Your Next! Whats that! Well it sounds scary doesnt it! Sure does. Who is next anyway. You. Oh me. Yes. Whats this one about.


Its got some folks in it who do a stay’s at a cbain! Really! No its more of a mansion sorry I lied I been real busy lately. Oh! How come! Well Im busy filmeing Things For Does: Daddy Presents Well Is It: The Story of Uncle Gary The Bruce! What!

Anyway we seen this filme late at night. So. Because scary I guess! What happens in this one. Well they end up doin a such as! What does that even mean. Well it has to do with some scary’s and theirs a guy in a mask. Why. Because he aint like doin see’s I guess. Oh what else. Well theres also some murdahs in it! Oh. Is it like Fort Awesome. No.

I think this filme should of been called Whos Next because it is a mystery. If they make a sequel I bet it will be Next Up: You! Part dos! Things for dos.

See you next time!