I Seen A Filme!


This one was GARding of the Galaxy or whatever! And the reason was, a filme. What.

Well we heard this filme was a good one from some buddys! Why! They said its humorous and there are also some other reasons. Like what. Well its got some d00ds on the screen and also a lady. For what you say. Well its got punch’s and also some jokes! What kind! I dunno.

What else.

This one had a tree in it and also a raccoon! Whats that! Its an animal you @#%)! Did it do talks. Yes. So. Well this raccoon had the ability to do fix’s and also some yells. I Seen A Thanos! Whats that. It’s a guy on a chair and he got a purple face. One time I heard Uncle Fathers Brother got purple face on turlet from Too Much Cheese! Do you know what I am saying.

Ok see you later!