I Seen An Filme!

Hi its me!

I seen another filme yet again! What filme. This one were called The Bus That Couldn’t Slow Down.

No it weren’t!

I know I was just doin a joke’s!

Dat aint funny.

I’m Sorry.

…so how was that filme.

Oh it were ok I guess.


I Seen A Filme!

Hi friends I thought I should let you know that I Seen A Filme!

What Filme!

It were a documentary called Rock. Like the wrestler! No! Not like him! Hes good though because he has the eyebrown and elbows! I know!

This was about the prison system and it focused on some guys. What guys! It had Seen Conery and Nick Cage and some Others. Like who! I forgot! Uh oh.

Anyway it’s a rather compelling indictment of the criminal justice system in mid-90’s America. Just kidding, it had guys doing shoots and some splosions and a good one-liner or three.

Do You Know About Alcatraz? 

 -Seen Conery

Why! I says.

I Seen A Fuckin FILME!!!

Sorry for the delay friends I been getting a lot of email requests and comments for another review and its been awhile so I thought I would tell you about this filme I seen! 

What filme!  WHY!

It were called Blade Ruiner or whatever and it had a guy. what guy. It stars Hand Solo and he’s back yes that’s right he made the Empire go on oopstime and also he got a golden goblet or whatever. 


I know! Anyway in this filme hes a guy who goes around checking to see if others are robots or whatever. Why. Well the gov’t needs to find out. Why!


What else!

Hes like ‘eye gotta do some tests’ and then he looks at their eyes and does a sees! LOL! What. Oh thems just jokes babby. Okay!

Did you like this filme. Yes! Its only like six years from now that it will happen! Uh oh!

PS: I dont know!

My Friend Time Seen A Filme Again!

I seen a filme!

This filme was called Super 8.  I went because I thought it was the 8th Superman movie but my dad told me they didn’t make that many Superman movies LOL.

Anywho this movie was sort of like ET except the alien who wanted to go home was mean and chased these kid’s.  One of the kid’s was this little girl and my cousin Luke said she was really hot and I told him she was only 13 but Luke said he didn’t care (perv alert!).

I ain’t remembering too much more because this movie was a lot of years ago.  There was a train crash and it was pretty cool I guess even though you didn’t see anybody get hurt or anything.

I give this movie 5 UFOs out of 7.

Tim Seen a Filme!

Who! My friend Tim! Oh ok!

Anyway heres what he sayed:


I owlso seen a Filme!

 It were called Rise of the Planet of the Apes.  Apes is like monkeys only taller.

The movie was about this guy who gets an ape baby but it’s really smart because they did all this science to it.  Eventually the monkey genius is put in monkey prison and he gets real mad at people because their mean to him.

The movie was good because it had James Franco in it but bad because he didn’t do any pots onscreen even though he still had that James Franco doing pots look on his face all the time.  Towards the end there was a bunch of action that made you wish the action had been going on the whole time.  Still it was pretty good for a filme starring a monkey oh I’m sorry I mean ape.

I give it 6.5 bananas out of 9.

I Seen A Filme!!!

I seen a filme again. You did. Yes. How come. Well its cold out so I thinked it was time for a see’s. Why. I just said didn’t you hear. No I was listening to the Tetris theme on headphones what was it sorry. I said I thinked it was time for a see’s. Oh… ok. 🙂

What did you seen.

I seen the filme 50/50. It has that kid from 3rd Rock. You mean 30 Rock. No. This was a show television show from the 1990’s. Oh yeah that kid the one who doesn’t open his eye’s because hes tired and something. That one. Yes that one. Oh ok was that other guy in it. No. What about the woman was she in it. No again. Ok go on.

Well it also has Seth Rogaine or whatever. Whats he do. Well he mostly play’s the same role. YOU KNOW THE ONE I MEAN.

So how was it. Well it was surprisingly good and a lot more emotional than the preview’s make you do a thinksOf. How so. Well I aint gonna spoil it but it’s real good. Should I do a See’s. Yes. Also a Sad.

I would rate this Movie Filme a Four Gary’s Out of Bruce.