Seen a filme

Hey guess what I seen a filme what film well. It was American Hustler or whatever. Was it about the magazine no it was some guys in a hustle ! Why. I dunno but when I was in middle school basketball coach would say Nice Hustle!

See you next time!


Hi its me. Bad News.



I hate to say this but… I didn’t SEE A FILME!

What! Why not!

Well I been pretty busy. Oh!

What Filme Didn’t You See.

I didn’t See The Wolf In Wall Street! Why not. Well like I said I been pretty busy and aint had time for filmes!

Why are you telling me this.


I Seen A Filme!

Hi Its V!

Well isn’t it???

What’s new. Well let me tell you about a Thing. What thing!

I SEEN A FILME! What filme.

This filme was named Houston Purchasers Club or whatever. What that aint real! I know. So. Well this filmes got Jerald Lego and Matty MconoHEY!

What do they do in it.

Well it turns out they are both real skinny and they got disease. What illness. Well its HIV. Bummer! I know and theres not much they can do about it except for one thing.

What thing!

Well they do go’s down to ol’ mehico and get druges. What! I know. Why. Well for cures or whatever. Then what. They do sell’s!

How were it. Actually it were a great filme one of the best of the year probably! Is There Any Doges In This Filme. I dunno!


I Seen A Filme!

Look in the air its a turd its a plain


Its a filme!

Hello again and happy new year it is time for a filme. What filme!

We seen Guy of Iron or whatever. Whats that. Its the one with Superman! Oh I seen that.

you did!

Yeah it was ok. He done Angrys and then he got powers and then he turned into Clark Kent.


Yeah he done punch’s of Baddy’s and they flew into walls and such as! How come. They were mad.

See you next time!