At first I was Seen A Filme. But what happened next was What Filme!.

You WON’T BELIEVE the filme I seen. 

This man seen a filme and what happened next changed his life forever.


I Seen Three Filmes!

I seen three filmes! What!
I said I seen three filmes. Oh ok.


What were they!

Well first we seen what do you mean ‘we’! I mean me and the ISAF staff! Oh ok.

Anyways the first filme we seen was Newsmaster 2: News Guy Returns. Whats that even mean. Its about Ron Maroon or whatever. What are you talking about. Well its a sequel to Funny Man William Farl Presents: Newsmaster The Legend Of Ron Maroon (or whatever).

That doesnt make any sense. Who cares!

Well how was it. What. The film. Oh.

This filme had a couple of stars in it and some laughs. Did it. Yes. Was it as funny as the first one. No! It did have the dog though.

Well see you next time!

Hey you said you seen three filmes. What gives!

Oh yeah we seen two more filmes. I forgot because I’m busy. Thats ok.

So what filme was it. The second filme starred Audrey Concourse or whatever and in it she does ThingDos! What! What filme.

It were called uh Things To Do List. More like ThingDos List! I know. So how were it. It were boring and not that funny! How come. They forgot to put in jokes. So. She done ThingDos In It How Can That Be Bad! Well you aint see the ThingDos. Oh. This one gets two lists out of fiiiiiiive.

The last filme we seen was Destruction Man. Oh the one with Sly in it. Yep thats the one. How were it. Better than doin Includes with Gart! Whats that mean. I dunno! Movie even had a Such As. Of what you say. Them seashells! Oh how do they work.

Who knows!

Flippys Seen A Filme!

Today as a special treat I spoke with our field correspondent Landlord who had some news! What news. Well lets just let the transcript speak for itself!

Dis Flippys after he seen a filme he aint like! Why!

Landlord: So I had to bring Flippys to the vet this weekend 😦

Daddy: What!!!!!!! 😦 😦 😦

Landlord: Yea he kept making these weird meowls and stuff and the vet looked at him and said ‘hes sayin that he seen a filme’ so I asked what filme and it was ok.

Daddy: Thats a relief! Is your Flippys broken!

Landlord: no sir! He just seen a filme and he wants to do tells!

Daddy: What filme!

Landlord: The vet told me he could tell me what filme but if he asked for more details he would have to charge me an additional $75 and I was like nah don’t care because who cares.

I Seen Her Filme!

Whew we just got back from the Oscars party and it was a doozy. Why. Because them movie people always doin a bribe’s of reviewers. Like whom! Me! Who else. Her!

Her who.

I seen a filme. What Filme!


Oh I see what happened. Welle.

It turns out that theres a new kind of phone that looks olde! How so! Well you wear some pants like Urkel and then you get a computer girlfriend. Hmmm sounds like Daddy needs to take his f*rt medicine again!

Nope this aint happened. You mean the f*rt medicine. No I mean the computer girlfriend and the pants! Its in the future. Oh!

This filme contains scenes that I seen. What. Well its got Joe Phoenix in it and some others. Does he do ThingDos. Not really! Why. Because there aint an app for that!

See You Next Time! (in the future)