I Seen A Frightening Filme!

I scared up another review! Of what you say!

I Seen A Fil-me-with-fright!

That doesnt make sense. Shut up. OK!

It were called Halloween 2: We Did A Oops And Mike Myers Is Still Alive And He Does Kill’s And Is Mean!

This filmes real sca-gary. How come. Well its got a guy who does mean’s.

Whys he do that. What guy!

Hes a jerk to people! I know. But why. Well it turned out he was upset about Things that happened so he took it out on Janie Curtis or whatever.

Isnt she married to Terminator!

No not yet in this filme shes like Mike! Dont Do Hurts Of Me! He doesnt say anything.

What else.

Well he makes soup with a ladys face and you can see her stuff! Is it hot. No its hot when he gets on fire at the end.

Whoops! Looks like Daddy did a spooky spoiler!

See you next time.


I Seen A Filme!

I seen a filme.

What movie did you watch?

I said I seen a filme. Oh. Why’s that different. I seen a goddamned filme and theres nothing you can do to change that!

Ok then.

I think this filme were called Hold Your Hand On This Truck Until You Cant Hold Your Hand On The Truck No More!

What! Thats a crazy name!

I might of got it wrong. Why. Because I seen this filme on October 11th! That aint very long how come you cant remember.

Who Cares.

Did You Like The Movie.

It were a documentary. Of what you say. Of people doin touch’s of a truck to win that truck! How. Well you gotta stand their and keep a hand on it, why. To Win. Oh!

Not bad I says!

PS This documentary came out when grunge was king!

I Seen A Filme!

Hi friends I am sorry for the delay in posting but I got a good reason for it! Why! Well I was out in Holywood doin meet’s of a guy.

For what you say!

It is a secret. Do you know about SecretMeeting. No how could I if its a secret. Oh. Lets just say Daddys got a sweet deal in the works!


…well I did have time to do one thing. What thing!


Oh ho ho yes it is that time again. I seen a filme friends and this one was a star-spangled cast for the aegis.

What filme!

I seen The End or whatever. Whats that one about. Well. Well! …..Well?

Its got a few regular suspects in it. Like who. Its got James France, Seth Rogaine, Joan Hill, Darrell, Jay, Danny Bride, and even little Michael Sarah! What! I know.

So how were it.

I thinked it were funny how so well its got some jokes and bad language. Michael Sarah did a bunch of bad’s in it and then there were monsters.


I said there were monsters and also some problems. Did they do a filme. Yes! They did filmes in it. Of what you say. Of joke’s and referencing and its got Harry Potters girlfriend in it. Why! I dont know. They filmed this filme using a camera.

The End <– get it.

I Seen A Classic Filme!!!!!

Ed Note: We Seen This Filme In 2002!

What! Thats a long time ago! I know.

Sorry we been pretty busy here at I Seen A Filme. I got a whole FooseBus full of fan mail to respond to, plus all utilities and offstreet parking. What! I dont know.

What filme!

Well this filme is one of them Colt Classics or whatever. Oh you mean like Clude’s Classics. No. No I dont.

What filme!

It were called Rocky’s Horrible Picture Show or whatever.

Oh is that the one with Sly where he does boxing! Here is a picture of Sly that Landlord did:


No not that one thats another filme entirely. Why. Why what? Why is it different? Yes. Well because their two separate filmes ya goof!

Anyhow Olde Uncle Daddy wasnt so Olde back then so he went to this filme at a Place!

What place!

It were a theater. Oh you mean like where Lincoln got shooted. Yes like that but not the same one. So. So what! So tell me about the filme.

I dont remember it was a long time ago! But I seen a thing and some ****’s. What ****’s. I cant remember it was a long time ago.

What do you remember.

Things for Dos. Of what you say. Of what happened! The things! This filme had a trans in it.

What! Like when Uncle Gart put a new tranny in the Olds!


I Seen A Filme A Long Time Ago!

Ed Note: We Seen This Filme In 1998!

Why you reviewin it then. I aint, I’m reviewin it now ya dingus. Why.

Good question.

What filme!!!

Well back up a step and let Uncle Daddy foose around with some a this Welpery Farms™ Applesauce.

Mmm that is good. *rubs applesauce on arms*

Anyhow the filme we seen was a weird one. Why. Well for instance th