Papa F. seen a filme!

Hey today we got a guest speaker! Lets call him Papa F. Wait, that’s too obvious… we’ll just call him P. Fridley. Anyway it turns out he seen a filme!

Take it away P. Fridley!

Hey guys, I seen a filme.

This filme was called Birdman which I kinda found a little confusing honestly since it starred Batman.

The movie was really good. Some of the stuff was weird and I was like “That’s weird” and some of the stuff was sad and I was like “That’s sad” but it pretty much all was good and that’s why I was like “The movie was really good” back at the start of this paragraph.

Another person in the movie was “Stone Cold” Emma Stone and her eyes are so big that I wondered a couple of times if they used effects to make them bigger because it was freaking me out.

Oh and the Hulk is in it! Not the guy from the old tv show and not the guy from the one with Jennifer Connelly and not the one from them Vengers filmes but the other Hulk.

Anyway, since it’s “bird”man I give it 4.5 newspaper floored cages out of 5. And one hard salt thing for beak maintenance.


I Seen A Filme!

This was a big time weekend at I Seen A Filme! Headquarters. How come! Well it might be due to an Uncle! But nope its not.

Its actually because we seen three filmes! Wow! What filmes.

These filmes were thWHY! Why!

Oh right I thought you’d ask that. Well anyway the first filme we seen was Box Trolls. Whats that like them snags we seen at the bar! No not that kind. Well our associate did talk’s to them Box Trolls as I recall. This was a cartoon. Oh.

So how was it. This one was okay. It had some kid who thought he was a troll and also he seen a filme. Really. No but he was in the filme we seen. Oh. This filme got five owls out of ten.

What else. Well we seen another filme after that! Which one! This one had our old buddy Seth Rogaine and also OH GEE LET ME GUESS JAMES FRANCES OR WHATEVER! Nope you are wrong this time. It had his brother.

What filme.

This filme was called next door neighbors or something! What! Well its got Seth Rogaine and you see most of his unclothed body doin hump’s! What! Im just sayin. Then what. Well a real big hunk move’s in next door and its a fart. What the hell are you talking about. Oh this was one of them farts that gots letters and beer. Oh a frat. Sure.

This filme was a lot funnier than the crappy Interview was! How come! Well this time they included jokes and actual dialogue and no dumb references really. Oh. What else. Who cares. This one gets 8 farts out of 10.

Finally another filme was seen. When. The other day. How come. Oh ya knowwww. What!

What filme was it! And why!

This last filme was Large Eyes or whatever. What’s that! This one had a lady in it and she does paint’s. Of what you say. Well just of general sorta stuff. How so. I seen a filme! I know we already covered that.

This filme had a lady whose husband does take’s! Like necklaceTakes! Yeah sure why not.


Well. We gave this one a Includes Rating of B+. Why dont you grade them all on the same scale ya dummy.

See you next time!

I Seen A Filme!

Oh shoot I seen a filme alright! Well dang but I forgot to mention this fact.

Which filme.

This one was 300 2! What the hell is that. Its the second one. Oh 302 you mean. No I meant wait yeah thats it thats what I meant. Okay.


We seen this filme on the Home Box Office! Why! Well it was on ya know and Daddy wasnt too busy so this filme was viewed. How were it. Well this filme was 90 minutes long but if it had no slow-motion it would be about 40 minutes! Oh really! Yeah I asked my dad.

What else.

This filme was neat lookin! Why! Well they made it with computers and stuff. It has guys that have muscles and also they show some ***s! Oh! Yeah it was neat. You ever seen ***s before. Yeah once.


This filme was real bad though! It taught lessons about freedom and real men do wars and if you don’t fight Persians they will do some Ouch’s to you! Oh is that a fact. Well this filme said it was.

I give this filme 70 arrows out of 302.

Landlord Seen A Filme!

The filme I seen was “Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy?” It’s an interview with Noam Chomsky that is directed and animated by Michel Gondry who directed a bunch of Bjork videos in the 90s and some movies too like Eternal Sunshine and the Whatever Jim Carrey Filme.

It’s pretty cerebral with a lot going on visually, so I should maybs watch it again to retain what I may have missed. The filme is based on audio with Gondrys animations to accompany the conversation. The interview is heavily focused on evolution, human behaviors, religion, science, and so on. I expected (maybe wanted) more political conversation, but there is very little of it.

Sometimes it’s hard to understand Gondry cuz of his heavy accent, but his illustrations provide a nice guideline for the dialogue. Occasionally, it’s a bit distracting, but nonetheless a very creative approach.

I’d say if you like either of the people involved in this, you should watch it. If you like creative stuff that makes you think, you should watch it.
8 owls out of 10

I Seen A Filme!

Hello friends sorry its been so long we been real busy here at ISAF. Why. Well let me say. Ok what is it. Well we are gearing up for NYE again and let me tell you OH YOU MEAN BILL NYE ARE YOU GEARING UP FOR HIM no christ I meant New Years. Whats that got to do with it. Do with what.

I seen a filme!

Oh finally we get to the point. What filme, and how come. Why!

This filme was the one that aint gonna come out! Oh that one! Yes its true we seen James Franco Presents The Innerview or whatever. Oh how were it. And why!

We seen this filme because Gary said to! Oh do you always follow her advice. No. Well wait Gary aint a ladys name. I know its a goof. Okay great.

This filme starred Wacky Ol Jim Frances And His Pal Seth Rogaine Or Whatever! Whos that. Their bros who was on a TV and you may remember them from like 84 other ISAF reviews. Oh them guys. Yep.

Well anyhow this time Jim Frances was REAL WACKY and theres jokes involving the butt and some quoting of God of The Rings or whatever. Wow that sounds real funny. Nope try again. I was being sarcastic. Why! Oh.

I heard King John Unnnh was real mad about this filme! What! Well thats what I heard! Why! Why! WHY! How come. Well he had his friends hack the gibson at Sorny Pictures and break the filme! Oh man! That sounds like a problem!

The only problem with this filme was that it weren’t funny! Almost makes you think the hacking was a publicity stunt to jack up interest in a filme where they forgot to make jokes! Whoops! Hi its me Uncle Jokes. <– see how easy that was. Well. Do you.

In conclusion we are still waiting on The Interview to contact us for an interview about this filme.

See You Next Time!

I Seen A Filme!

Hello again and welcome to I Seen A Filme. This week we got your host Uncle Daddy here to tell us about the Filme he seen over the weekend! Also, what filme, and of course: why.

This weeks episode is brought to you in interview format. Interview format is sponsored by Scordatti Enterprises!

Why. Well because we got a guest here. Oh do you. Yes why would I lie about that. Well. I dont believe its a guest. Why not! Well two reasons one no one would call themselves Uncle Daddy and two you always type this crap like you’re schizophrenic. Why!

ISAF: Thanks for coming on the program this week Uncle Daddy.
UD: Its good to be hear.
ISAF: So, I heard that you seen a filme.
UD: That’s right.
ISAF: What filme!
UD: This one was c-
UD: …this one was called Intersmeller!
UD: I guess thats just what they named it.
ISAF: Which ones that.
UD: Like I said a minute ago, Intersmeller.
ISAF: Whats that one about.
UD: Well in this filme they got Matty McCono-Hey and he does a th-
UD: Shutup Im tryin to explain christ. Anyway they do a fly’s to another galaxy or whatever. And then, some ****s.
ISAF: Oh! What ****s!
UD: These ****s had all Includery plus offstreet p-
UD: …[long pause]… I am not sure if I can do this interview.
ISAF: What interview! And why!
UD: The one we’re doing right now.
ISAF: Well.
UD: Okay well anyway they do a fly’s and some stuff happens and then they have problems doin includes. Its got some good seen’s in it plus theres a pretty good–
ISAF: Why!
[Uncle Daddy removes microphone, immediately sends fax to Includesvisor]

Well thats all this week! I heard this filme was good if you like things th

I Seen A Filme!

Knock knock!

Whos their lol

A filme!

What filme!


This one was Your Next! Whats that! Well it sounds scary doesnt it! Sure does. Who is next anyway. You. Oh me. Yes. Whats this one about.


Its got some folks in it who do a stay’s at a cbain! Really! No its more of a mansion sorry I lied I been real busy lately. Oh! How come! Well Im busy filmeing Things For Does: Daddy Presents Well Is It: The Story of Uncle Gary The Bruce! What!

Anyway we seen this filme late at night. So. Because scary I guess! What happens in this one. Well they end up doin a such as! What does that even mean. Well it has to do with some scary’s and theirs a guy in a mask. Why. Because he aint like doin see’s I guess. Oh what else. Well theres also some murdahs in it! Oh. Is it like Fort Awesome. No.

I think this filme should of been called Whos Next because it is a mystery. If they make a sequel I bet it will be Next Up: You! Part dos! Things for dos.

See you next time!