We Seen A Filme!

Hello and welcome back to I Seen A Filme!

where you been I was worried.

well we were real busy this last few years working on our own Filme which will be out in hollywood sometime. Oh really. Yeah sure. Whats your incredible filme about. I cant say or else Dad will get upset. Oh.

So anyhow we seen a filme recently.

Studio audience: What Filme!

this one was Blad Ruiner or whatever! Oh thats olde you might think. No sir. This was the new one.


Blad Ruiner 2014 or whatever. Whats that about. Well its got some olde friends in it who done whatever and then we got some new buddy’s too. Like whom! Who cares.

Whats a Blad Ruiner well its when they look for robits and then tell em jokes or something I dunno.


In conclusion this filme gets 48 GART B*tts out of whatever


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