Landlord Seen A Filme!

Well if it isn’t Uncle Landlord. Hes here with another Filme Review. Why. Stop askin so many questions ya little………………………………………..

I seen a filme! What filme. The filme I seen was Dear Mr Watterson, which is a documentary about Calvin and Hobbes. My expectations were admittedly somewhat high cuz I loved that comic as a kid and owned several of the books…but its honestly p boring and kinda lame. Why! Because its got very little about Bill Watterson himself other than “hes real reclusive!” and the rest of the movie is just a bunch of fans of his stuff or other cartoonists being all like “Oh yeah I like him lol!”. It’d be like if you did a documentary on the Beatles and just talked to a bunch of people who talked about how much they like their music rather than like…anyone directly affiliated with them.


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