Heres a tip!

I Seen A Filme! What filme. Its Blue Valentine by some guy.


What’s the tip!


Don’t watch this one with your sweetheart on Valentines! Why not!

Cuz it’s the opposite of romantic! There’s cry’s at the end because they get a divorce!


Oh ok.


An Interview With Landlord! Its about filmes.

Landlord: Oh I seen two filmes this weekend! 

Daddy: What filmes!

Landlord: The Conversation and Spring Breakers. Why!

Daddy: How were they. Well. The filmes I mean.

Landlord: The Conversation is Mad Cool. How come Landlord! Because it had Gene Hackman in it and he was a guy who did follows of people and recorded them or whatever. Oh yea and Harrison Ford was in it too. Some things happened involving his concern for the safety of the people he were recording and it caused a conflict of emotions and Incidents Occurred. Francis Ford Coppola made this filme!

Spring Breakers is ok. I never need to see it again though lol. Why! Because its Harmony Korine and most of his movies are like *douglas sounds*. Oh. James Franco was funny in it. Why! Because he played this rap guy who is not a good guy at rap. Oh. Also there was ***s in it. 

Daddy: Lmao neat

Landlord: Yea I mean I aint sayin like this was the most Includes filmes I ever seen or nothin.