Flippys Seen A Filme!

Today as a special treat I spoke with our field correspondent Landlord who had some news! What news. Well lets just let the transcript speak for itself!

Dis Flippys after he seen a filme he aint like! Why!

Landlord: So I had to bring Flippys to the vet this weekend 😦

Daddy: What!!!!!!! 😦 😦 😦

Landlord: Yea he kept making these weird meowls and stuff and the vet looked at him and said ‘hes sayin that he seen a filme’ so I asked what filme and it was ok.

Daddy: Thats a relief! Is your Flippys broken!

Landlord: no sir! He just seen a filme and he wants to do tells!

Daddy: What filme!

Landlord: The vet told me he could tell me what filme but if he asked for more details he would have to charge me an additional $75 and I was like nah don’t care because who cares.


I Seen Her Filme!

Whew we just got back from the Oscars party and it was a doozy. Why. Because them movie people always doin a bribe’s of reviewers. Like whom! Me! Who else. Her!

Her who.

I seen a filme. What Filme!


Oh I see what happened. Welle.

It turns out that theres a new kind of phone that looks olde! How so! Well you wear some pants like Urkel and then you get a computer girlfriend. Hmmm sounds like Daddy needs to take his f*rt medicine again!

Nope this aint happened. You mean the f*rt medicine. No I mean the computer girlfriend and the pants! Its in the future. Oh!

This filme contains scenes that I seen. What. Well its got Joe Phoenix in it and some others. Does he do ThingDos. Not really! Why. Because there aint an app for that!

See You Next Time! (in the future)

I Seen A Filme!

Hi friends I am sorry for the delay in posting but I got a good reason for it! Why! Well I was out in Holywood doin meet’s of a guy.

For what you say!

It is a secret. Do you know about SecretMeeting. No how could I if its a secret. Oh. Lets just say Daddys got a sweet deal in the works!


…well I did have time to do one thing. What thing!


Oh ho ho yes it is that time again. I seen a filme friends and this one was a star-spangled cast for the aegis.

What filme!

I seen The End or whatever. Whats that one about. Well. Well! …..Well?

Its got a few regular suspects in it. Like who. Its got James France, Seth Rogaine, Joan Hill, Darrell, Jay, Danny Bride, and even little Michael Sarah! What! I know.

So how were it.

I thinked it were funny how so well its got some jokes and bad language. Michael Sarah did a bunch of bad’s in it and then there were monsters.


I said there were monsters and also some problems. Did they do a filme. Yes! They did filmes in it. Of what you say. Of joke’s and referencing and its got Harry Potters girlfriend in it. Why! I dont know. They filmed this filme using a camera.

The End <– get it.

I Seen A Filme!

Hi its me!

Oh its you what are you so happy about.


[long pause]


I seen a filme!

Oh yeah I seen this filme and its a good one. Why. Well I’ll tell you.

What filme.

It were called The Place By The Pine Trees or whatever!

How were the filme.

It were good. It had a couple of real hunk’s in it such as that one guy and then another one. Plus a guest appearance by Uncle Daddy himself!


Whats his name. Gray Liona or whatever. Oh him! Yes! What did he do. Well in this filme he done a few bad’s. And then, some beer.

What else.

…………..I seen a filme!

Shut up.

I Seen A Filme!

Hello and good morning and thanks for all you do it’s time for some movie information. Why! Because…

I Seen A Filme!

Yes indeed a filme was viewed again and this was a real “block breaker” well lets talk about it.
What filme!

I seen the documentary World Warz or whatever. Whats it about. Its got zombies that run around and climb stuff, like what! Well! I don’t know! Oh.

Dont worry about them zombies I says. Why! Because others were frightened ya dummy. Why! Well the zombies are just in the TV not in the living room! What if it comes open! The Zombies. No the TV! Oh it wont.



This filme also had Prad Bitt but his family didnt have 9 adopted kids this time! Why. Dats a good question! I will ask.

Four Here I Will Do Pets out of 7.

I Seen A New Logo!!

Wow we had quite a day here on I Seen A Filme!



We had the most readers ever today, how come, why! Well it were from a feature on the news! They showed a site! Was it ours. No. Oh.

Anyway I was going through a backlog of fanmail and came across this new logoe! What logo. The one above this post ya dummy! Who did it. I can’t say! Its a secret.

Do You Know About S

I Seen A Cartoon Filme!

Yes its true I seen a filme again. Already. Yes already itd been a few days. Whatd you see this time. well today we got a special Feature from the 70s [citation needed] tis a cartoon but not like your kiddies cartoon!!! What!

I said not like your kids cartoons what why not. well its for adults. How so how can that be! Its rated X.

Yeah that’s right we done see’s of a filme Fritz the Cat. Oh did you. yes. are you ok. Yeah I feel great today.


Well what

How was it.

Oh right the ye old cartoon movie reviewe sorry I got distracted. Where was i. oh it was p stupid. Basically this dumb cat does a bunch of No-No’s and it shows weird anthropomorphic scenes if you know what I mean. ThingDos. Yes that. it were mad dumb.

This cat does bad’s and then somehow starts a revolution I guess.

Whyd you watch it it sounds dumb.

I dunno it was p dumb. Even the sound was atrocious like it was never mastered properly. The animation were terrible at most points too.

I give it four Here I Will Do Pets (out of 84).