On this weeks episode of Did You Know?

Did You Know? On Sgt Feathers Lonely Hearts Club Band, they talk about how they seen a filme! What filme! It’s a filme about how the English Army won a war. Oh. Its in the second verse. John Lennon says so. Also this is considered one of the finest songs ever composed. Do you think it is merely coincidence that this song got so much praise and it just happens to mention how he seen a filme?

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Flippys Seen A Filme!

Today as a special treat I spoke with our field correspondent Landlord who had some news! What news. Well lets just let the transcript speak for itself!

Dis Flippys after he seen a filme he aint like! Why!

Landlord: So I had to bring Flippys to the vet this weekend 😦

Daddy: What!!!!!!! 😦 😦 😦

Landlord: Yea he kept making these weird meowls and stuff and the vet looked at him and said ‘hes sayin that he seen a filme’ so I asked what filme and it was ok.

Daddy: Thats a relief! Is your Flippys broken!

Landlord: no sir! He just seen a filme and he wants to do tells!

Daddy: What filme!

Landlord: The vet told me he could tell me what filme but if he asked for more details he would have to charge me an additional $75 and I was like nah don’t care because who cares.

I Seen A Filme!

Hi Its V!

Well isn’t it???

What’s new. Well let me tell you about a Thing. What thing!

I SEEN A FILME! What filme.

This filme was named Houston Purchasers Club or whatever. What that aint real! I know. So. Well this filmes got Jerald Lego and Matty MconoHEY!

What do they do in it.

Well it turns out they are both real skinny and they got disease. What illness. Well its HIV. Bummer! I know and theres not much they can do about it except for one thing.

What thing!

Well they do go’s down to ol’ mehico and get druges. What! I know. Why. Well for cures or whatever. Then what. They do sell’s!

How were it. Actually it were a great filme one of the best of the year probably! Is There Any Doges In This Filme. I dunno!


I Seen A New Logo!!

Wow we had quite a day here on I Seen A Filme!



We had the most readers ever today, how come, why! Well it were from a feature on the news! They showed a site! Was it ours. No. Oh.

Anyway I was going through a backlog of fanmail and came across this new logoe! What logo. The one above this post ya dummy! Who did it. I can’t say! Its a secret.

Do You Know About S

Tim Seen a Filme!

Who! My friend Tim! Oh ok!

Anyway heres what he sayed:


I owlso seen a Filme!

 It were called Rise of the Planet of the Apes.  Apes is like monkeys only taller.

The movie was about this guy who gets an ape baby but it’s really smart because they did all this science to it.  Eventually the monkey genius is put in monkey prison and he gets real mad at people because their mean to him.

The movie was good because it had James Franco in it but bad because he didn’t do any pots onscreen even though he still had that James Franco doing pots look on his face all the time.  Towards the end there was a bunch of action that made you wish the action had been going on the whole time.  Still it was pretty good for a filme starring a monkey oh I’m sorry I mean ape.

I give it 6.5 bananas out of 9.

I Seen A Filme!!!

I seen a filme again. You did. Yes. How come. Well its cold out so I thinked it was time for a see’s. Why. I just said didn’t you hear. No I was listening to the Tetris theme on headphones what was it sorry. I said I thinked it was time for a see’s. Oh… ok. 🙂

What did you seen.

I seen the filme 50/50. It has that kid from 3rd Rock. You mean 30 Rock. No. This was a show television show from the 1990’s. Oh yeah that kid the one who doesn’t open his eye’s because hes tired and something. That one. Yes that one. Oh ok was that other guy in it. No. What about the woman was she in it. No again. Ok go on.

Well it also has Seth Rogaine or whatever. Whats he do. Well he mostly play’s the same role. YOU KNOW THE ONE I MEAN.

So how was it. Well it was surprisingly good and a lot more emotional than the preview’s make you do a thinksOf. How so. Well I aint gonna spoil it but it’s real good. Should I do a See’s. Yes. Also a Sad.

I would rate this Movie Filme a Four Gary’s Out of Bruce.