An Interview With Landlord! Its about filmes.

Landlord: Oh I seen two filmes this weekend! 

Daddy: What filmes!

Landlord: The Conversation and Spring Breakers. Why!

Daddy: How were they. Well. The filmes I mean.

Landlord: The Conversation is Mad Cool. How come Landlord! Because it had Gene Hackman in it and he was a guy who did follows of people and recorded them or whatever. Oh yea and Harrison Ford was in it too. Some things happened involving his concern for the safety of the people he were recording and it caused a conflict of emotions and Incidents Occurred. Francis Ford Coppola made this filme!

Spring Breakers is ok. I never need to see it again though lol. Why! Because its Harmony Korine and most of his movies are like *douglas sounds*. Oh. James Franco was funny in it. Why! Because he played this rap guy who is not a good guy at rap. Oh. Also there was ***s in it. 

Daddy: Lmao neat

Landlord: Yea I mean I aint sayin like this was the most Includes filmes I ever seen or nothin.


Landlord Seen Two Filmes!

Oh boy today we got a double review for you from Landlord himself! Why! Cuz he wrote ’em ya dummy!

First up:

I seen a filme! What filme! Dial M For Murder. Oh. It was good except for the whole ‘illegal search and seizure’ aspect, but they also drink liquor at the very end and a guy combs his moustache! Not one of Hitchcocks best, but still decent. 7 owls out of 10.


I seen another filme! What filme. North By Northwest. Oh. Was it good? Yea you dipshit it’s considered one of the best movies ever made have you been living under a rock!

Landlord Seen Another Filme!

This post was by Landlord. Why! Cuz he wrote it ya dummy.

I seen a Filme!

 What Filme. It was Wisconsin Death Trip. That’s a book! Yes but it is also movie. Oh. It came out in 1999 and there is a Prince song about that year. This was after grunge was king. Cinemax made it lol.

 The movie (and book) is about all the crazy things that did a happens in the 1890s in Black River Falls and surrounding areas of Wisconsin. It has a lot of similar themes in people thinking society is doing a fall aparts cuz people do weirds like a guy doing too many alcohols and bashing his infants head in just because! The best part is the lady who travels Wisconsin smashing windahs. This is a real thing. She got arrested a bunch and would get out and smash windahs. She loved to smash windahs.

 Well what did you think. It was ok. The movie is about 75 minutes and at times it feels like they stretched to find material for it. The book is about 150 pages so it seems like they could of recanted more stuff and done more interestings because there were more in the book! I’d give it 7 out of 10 owls.


Landlord Seen A Filme!

this filme was seen last year sometime. why. because thats when it happened ya dummy. also it was seen by Landlord. ok.

Last Filme I seen was The French Connection. Whats that. Well it’s a movie! Oh ok that’s why you said it was a Filme huh. Yes that is why *Sips Sprite* Why did you buy Diet Sprite it is not very good. Oh right I forgot that Diane is border diabetic.

 This particular Filme was manufactured in the early 1970s. It stars a guy who is Gene Hackman who recently fell off a bike doing Olds. In this movie he isn’t doing Olds yet. He is named Popeye in it. Does he eat Spinach. No he does not.

 Ok enough of this funny stuff what is the story of the filme. Well its about NY drug dealers getting drugs from France from a lucrative dealer of them drugs or something. They transport them in cars that they hide them in the floor panels of and then abandon em and let em get towed and then bid on them at police auctions to get theme. Oh that’s an interesting concept. Yes but there is problems. What kind. It’s the cops. This diet sprite isn’t so bad in vodka actually.

 Would you recommend it. Yes I would it was p good. Did you like it. Yes I did I would say it was p good.