Papa F. seen a filme!

Hey today we got a guest speaker! Lets call him Papa F. Wait, that’s too obvious… we’ll just call him P. Fridley. Anyway it turns out he seen a filme!

Take it away P. Fridley!

Hey guys, I seen a filme.

This filme was called Birdman which I kinda found a little confusing honestly since it starred Batman.

The movie was really good. Some of the stuff was weird and I was like “That’s weird” and some of the stuff was sad and I was like “That’s sad” but it pretty much all was good and that’s why I was like “The movie was really good” back at the start of this paragraph.

Another person in the movie was “Stone Cold” Emma Stone and her eyes are so big that I wondered a couple of times if they used effects to make them bigger because it was freaking me out.

Oh and the Hulk is in it! Not the guy from the old tv show and not the guy from the one with Jennifer Connelly and not the one from them Vengers filmes but the other Hulk.

Anyway, since it’s “bird”man I give it 4.5 newspaper floored cages out of 5. And one hard salt thing for beak maintenance.


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