I Seen A Filme!

This was a big time weekend at I Seen A Filme! Headquarters. How come! Well it might be due to an Uncle! But nope its not.

Its actually because we seen three filmes! Wow! What filmes.

These filmes were thWHY! Why!

Oh right I thought you’d ask that. Well anyway the first filme we seen was Box Trolls. Whats that like them snags we seen at the bar! No not that kind. Well our associate did talk’s to them Box Trolls as I recall. This was a cartoon. Oh.

So how was it. This one was okay. It had some kid who thought he was a troll and also he seen a filme. Really. No but he was in the filme we seen. Oh. This filme got five owls out of ten.

What else. Well we seen another filme after that! Which one! This one had our old buddy Seth Rogaine and also OH GEE LET ME GUESS JAMES FRANCES OR WHATEVER! Nope you are wrong this time. It had his brother.

What filme.

This filme was called next door neighbors or something! What! Well its got Seth Rogaine and you see most of his unclothed body doin hump’s! What! Im just sayin. Then what. Well a real big hunk move’s in next door and its a fart. What the hell are you talking about. Oh this was one of them farts that gots letters and beer. Oh a frat. Sure.

This filme was a lot funnier than the crappy Interview was! How come! Well this time they included jokes and actual dialogue and no dumb references really. Oh. What else. Who cares. This one gets 8 farts out of 10.

Finally another filme was seen. When. The other day. How come. Oh ya knowwww. What!

What filme was it! And why!

This last filme was Large Eyes or whatever. What’s that! This one had a lady in it and she does paint’s. Of what you say. Well just of general sorta stuff. How so. I seen a filme! I know we already covered that.

This filme had a lady whose husband does take’s! Like necklaceTakes! Yeah sure why not.


Well. We gave this one a Includes Rating of B+. Why dont you grade them all on the same scale ya dummy.

See you next time!


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