I Seen A Filme!

Oh shoot I seen a filme alright! Well dang but I forgot to mention this fact.

Which filme.

This one was 300 2! What the hell is that. Its the second one. Oh 302 you mean. No I meant wait yeah thats it thats what I meant. Okay.


We seen this filme on the Home Box Office! Why! Well it was on ya know and Daddy wasnt too busy so this filme was viewed. How were it. Well this filme was 90 minutes long but if it had no slow-motion it would be about 40 minutes! Oh really! Yeah I asked my dad.

What else.

This filme was neat lookin! Why! Well they made it with computers and stuff. It has guys that have muscles and also they show some ***s! Oh! Yeah it was neat. You ever seen ***s before. Yeah once.


This filme was real bad though! It taught lessons about freedom and real men do wars and if you don’t fight Persians they will do some Ouch’s to you! Oh is that a fact. Well this filme said it was.

I give this filme 70 arrows out of 302.


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