I Seen A Filme!

Hello friends sorry its been so long we been real busy here at ISAF. Why. Well let me say. Ok what is it. Well we are gearing up for NYE again and let me tell you OH YOU MEAN BILL NYE ARE YOU GEARING UP FOR HIM no christ I meant New Years. Whats that got to do with it. Do with what.

I seen a filme!

Oh finally we get to the point. What filme, and how come. Why!

This filme was the one that aint gonna come out! Oh that one! Yes its true we seen James Franco Presents The Innerview or whatever. Oh how were it. And why!

We seen this filme because Gary said to! Oh do you always follow her advice. No. Well wait Gary aint a ladys name. I know its a goof. Okay great.

This filme starred Wacky Ol Jim Frances And His Pal Seth Rogaine Or Whatever! Whos that. Their bros who was on a TV and you may remember them from like 84 other ISAF reviews. Oh them guys. Yep.

Well anyhow this time Jim Frances was REAL WACKY and theres jokes involving the butt and some quoting of God of The Rings or whatever. Wow that sounds real funny. Nope try again. I was being sarcastic. Why! Oh.

I heard King John Unnnh was real mad about this filme! What! Well thats what I heard! Why! Why! WHY! How come. Well he had his friends hack the gibson at Sorny Pictures and break the filme! Oh man! That sounds like a problem!

The only problem with this filme was that it weren’t funny! Almost makes you think the hacking was a publicity stunt to jack up interest in a filme where they forgot to make jokes! Whoops! Hi its me Uncle Jokes. <– see how easy that was. Well. Do you.

In conclusion we are still waiting on The Interview to contact us for an interview about this filme.

See You Next Time!


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