I Seen A Filme!

Hello again and welcome to I Seen A Filme. This week we got your host Uncle Daddy here to tell us about the Filme he seen over the weekend! Also, what filme, and of course: why.

This weeks episode is brought to you in interview format. Interview format is sponsored by Scordatti Enterprises!

Why. Well because we got a guest here. Oh do you. Yes why would I lie about that. Well. I dont believe its a guest. Why not! Well two reasons one no one would call themselves Uncle Daddy and two you always type this crap like you’re schizophrenic. Why!

ISAF: Thanks for coming on the program this week Uncle Daddy.
UD: Its good to be hear.
ISAF: So, I heard that you seen a filme.
UD: That’s right.
ISAF: What filme!
UD: This one was c-
UD: …this one was called Intersmeller!
UD: I guess thats just what they named it.
ISAF: Which ones that.
UD: Like I said a minute ago, Intersmeller.
ISAF: Whats that one about.
UD: Well in this filme they got Matty McCono-Hey and he does a th-
UD: Shutup Im tryin to explain christ. Anyway they do a fly’s to another galaxy or whatever. And then, some ****s.
ISAF: Oh! What ****s!
UD: These ****s had all Includery plus offstreet p-
UD: …[long pause]… I am not sure if I can do this interview.
ISAF: What interview! And why!
UD: The one we’re doing right now.
ISAF: Well.
UD: Okay well anyway they do a fly’s and some stuff happens and then they have problems doin includes. Its got some good seen’s in it plus theres a pretty good–
ISAF: Why!
[Uncle Daddy removes microphone, immediately sends fax to Includesvisor]

Well thats all this week! I heard this filme was good if you like things th


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