I Seen A Filme!

Yes yes that’s right folks please hold the applause its time once again to tell you a thing! What thing.

I Seen A Filme!


What filme.

This filme really puts up a brick! What does that mean! Well lets just say it was built from the ground up! Oh really. In fact, you could say, I need you to Lego my Eggo! What the hell are you even saying. It’s the Lego Movie ya dummy. The one with some stuff in it!


…well anyway this filme had some good stuff in it. It did Them Joke’s. Why! Because it’s a filme ya dummy. What else. It had voices from Famous’s like whatsisname and his buddy that other guy. Oh how helpful!

Well how were it. It were p. enjoyable for what it was. How so. Well it was PG but Pretty Good! I guess! What are you saying you are a child. I dunno!

See you next time!


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