I Seen A Filme!

Hello and welcome to another exciting episode of I Seen A Filme. What filme.

The filme we seen this tyme was Ye Olde Hobbit Number Two The Destruction of Smug. What happened to him! Who. Smug. Oh you mean the guy in the santa suit.  yes him. Oh hes fine probably this is a different one. So how was it.

Well theres some donkey kong shenanigans involving Such As and it turns out Smug makes tenants pay utilities and theres only street parking available. Oh that sounds bad. Yes its not the best. What else. Theres dwarves and guys who are mean and then there is no ending to it. Why not. Well hes making another one ya dummy. Who is. The guy.

I gave this filme FIIIIIIIIIIIVE cludes out of nine.


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