Landlord didn’t see a filme!

Hi friends today is a new day here at I Seen A Filme! Why! Well. Well. Well. Today I seen the filme but Landlord didn’t! Why not!

What filme.

I believer it was called Ye Ole Newtons Filme! What the hell does that mean.


This filme has George Cloney and Sandy Bollocks or whatever. Why. Because they got paid to star in it. Why. Because space is scary ok! ahh!

The end.

So why didnt Landlord see the filme. Here is the reason.

I aint seen that filme but I heard people doing a lot of Says that the Says were that it is Good to See or such as! Why! I dunno that is what Critics Of Filmes say. How come they said that. Because they thought the movie viewing experience was an enjoyment or whatever. Oh. So why aint you seen it to. Well partially because of all the busy stuff I been doing. Oh. Well you mean you cant even squeeze in a few hours to see that? Well I could but then Id have to skip some sleep. So why not do that. Well because then I would be real tired. So. So if I was too tired I might not do the right learns in school. Ok yeah then what. Well what if I didn’t learn right and then I failed a test or such as? Oh yeah then that’s bad. Yeah and if I failed the test and then the class my self esteem would go way down. Then I would probably lose my job too and I would end up sleeping in a ditch. Oh. So you’d see me on the street with a sign that says “PLEASE GIVE CHANGE OR SUCH AS” and youd remember. Youd remember it was because I seen a filme


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