Flippys Seen A Filme!

Today as a special treat I spoke with our field correspondent Landlord who had some news! What news. Well lets just let the transcript speak for itself!

Dis Flippys after he seen a filme he aint like! Why!

Landlord: So I had to bring Flippys to the vet this weekend 😦

Daddy: What!!!!!!! 😦 😦 😦

Landlord: Yea he kept making these weird meowls and stuff and the vet looked at him and said ‘hes sayin that he seen a filme’ so I asked what filme and it was ok.

Daddy: Thats a relief! Is your Flippys broken!

Landlord: no sir! He just seen a filme and he wants to do tells!

Daddy: What filme!

Landlord: The vet told me he could tell me what filme but if he asked for more details he would have to charge me an additional $75 and I was like nah don’t care because who cares.


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