I Seen Her Filme!

Whew we just got back from the Oscars party and it was a doozy. Why. Because them movie people always doin a bribe’s of reviewers. Like whom! Me! Who else. Her!

Her who.

I seen a filme. What Filme!


Oh I see what happened. Welle.

It turns out that theres a new kind of phone that looks olde! How so! Well you wear some pants like Urkel and then you get a computer girlfriend. Hmmm sounds like Daddy needs to take his f*rt medicine again!

Nope this aint happened. You mean the f*rt medicine. No I mean the computer girlfriend and the pants! Its in the future. Oh!

This filme contains scenes that I seen. What. Well its got Joe Phoenix in it and some others. Does he do ThingDos. Not really! Why. Because there aint an app for that!

See You Next Time! (in the future)


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