I Seen TWO Filmes!!

Ho Ho Holy crap guess what!


I seen a filme!


What filme. Dis filme was The End Of The World or whatever. Whats that one about. Well its got some guys in it who do things and they talk funny.

Why! Why do they do such! Its a reason. This filme is done in Brittania or whatever where guys talk funny. What else. Well let me tell you. Theres some stuff in it and aliens and robots.

Really! I dont know! Why don’t you watch it and find out for yourself ya dummy!

See You Next Time!

…What do you mean next time.

I mean whenever I get around to writing. But aint you seen another filme? You are correct I had best tell you about that one too. That one what.


This filme was Love Actual. Oh the one with Huge Grant or whatever. Yep thats the one and its got some others in it plus you get to see ***s a couple times!


Yeah over in Brittania it aint a big Thing to see them ***s. Why not. I guess cuz Daddy!



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