I Seen A Frightening Filme!

I scared up another review! Of what you say!

I Seen A Fil-me-with-fright!

That doesnt make sense. Shut up. OK!

It were called Halloween 2: We Did A Oops And Mike Myers Is Still Alive And He Does Kill’s And Is Mean!

This filmes real sca-gary. How come. Well its got a guy who does mean’s.

Whys he do that. What guy!

Hes a jerk to people! I know. But why. Well it turned out he was upset about Things that happened so he took it out on Janie Curtis or whatever.

Isnt she married to Terminator!

No not yet in this filme shes like Mike! Dont Do Hurts Of Me! He doesnt say anything.

What else.

Well he makes soup with a ladys face and you can see her stuff! Is it hot. No its hot when he gets on fire at the end.

Whoops! Looks like Daddy did a spooky spoiler!

See you next time.


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