I Seen A Filme!

I seen a filme.

What movie did you watch?

I said I seen a filme. Oh. Why’s that different. I seen a goddamned filme and theres nothing you can do to change that!

Ok then.

I think this filme were called Hold Your Hand On This Truck Until You Cant Hold Your Hand On The Truck No More!

What! Thats a crazy name!

I might of got it wrong. Why. Because I seen this filme on October 11th! That aint very long how come you cant remember.

Who Cares.

Did You Like The Movie.

It were a documentary. Of what you say. Of people doin touch’s of a truck to win that truck! How. Well you gotta stand their and keep a hand on it, why. To Win. Oh!

Not bad I says!

PS This documentary came out when grunge was king!


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