I Seen A Filme!

Hi friends I am sorry for the delay in posting but I got a good reason for it! Why! Well I was out in Holywood doin meet’s of a guy.

For what you say!

It is a secret. Do you know about SecretMeeting. No how could I if its a secret. Oh. Lets just say Daddys got a sweet deal in the works!


…well I did have time to do one thing. What thing!


Oh ho ho yes it is that time again. I seen a filme friends and this one was a star-spangled cast for the aegis.

What filme!

I seen The End or whatever. Whats that one about. Well. Well! …..Well?

Its got a few regular suspects in it. Like who. Its got James France, Seth Rogaine, Joan Hill, Darrell, Jay, Danny Bride, and even little Michael Sarah! What! I know.

So how were it.

I thinked it were funny how so well its got some jokes and bad language. Michael Sarah did a bunch of bad’s in it and then there were monsters.


I said there were monsters and also some problems. Did they do a filme. Yes! They did filmes in it. Of what you say. Of joke’s and referencing and its got Harry Potters girlfriend in it. Why! I dont know. They filmed this filme using a camera.

The End <– get it.


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