I Seen A Classic Filme!!!!!

Ed Note: We Seen This Filme In 2002!

What! Thats a long time ago! I know.

Sorry we been pretty busy here at I Seen A Filme. I got a whole FooseBus full of fan mail to respond to, plus all utilities and offstreet parking. What! I dont know.

What filme!

Well this filme is one of them Colt Classics or whatever. Oh you mean like Clude’s Classics. No. No I dont.

What filme!

It were called Rocky’s Horrible Picture Show or whatever.

Oh is that the one with Sly where he does boxing! Here is a picture of Sly that Landlord did:


No not that one thats another filme entirely. Why. Why what? Why is it different? Yes. Well because their two separate filmes ya goof!

Anyhow Olde Uncle Daddy wasnt so Olde back then so he went to this filme at a Place!

What place!

It were a theater. Oh you mean like where Lincoln got shooted. Yes like that but not the same one. So. So what! So tell me about the filme.

I dont remember it was a long time ago! But I seen a thing and some ****’s. What ****’s. I cant remember it was a long time ago.

What do you remember.

Things for Dos. Of what you say. Of what happened! The things! This filme had a trans in it.

What! Like when Uncle Gart put a new tranny in the Olds!



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