I Seen A Filme!

Hey friends sorry for the delay I been busy!
Oh, yeah right. Busy doin what.
Well! I was busy cuz…


What filme!

It were called Savages or whatever. What were it aboute!

I seen a guy and another guy and they were friends! Of what you say! Of a girle. Oh! And here is the catch: they both done ThingDos with her!


I know its shocking. What else. Well they done a lot of grow’s of Missouri and sell’s. Why! For money ya dingus.

I also seen that it had a lawyer. what! The one in Feared Loaning in Vegas or whatever. What was he doin here! He was mean. Oh.

How was it.


The filme, how was it!

Oh ya real good then! Uhkay. *leans forward on toes*


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