I Seen A Filme!!!

I seen a filme again. You did. Yes. How come. Well its cold out so I thinked it was time for a see’s. Why. I just said didn’t you hear. No I was listening to the Tetris theme on headphones what was it sorry. I said I thinked it was time for a see’s. Oh… ok. 🙂

What did you seen.

I seen the filme 50/50. It has that kid from 3rd Rock. You mean 30 Rock. No. This was a show television show from the 1990’s. Oh yeah that kid the one who doesn’t open his eye’s because hes tired and something. That one. Yes that one. Oh ok was that other guy in it. No. What about the woman was she in it. No again. Ok go on.

Well it also has Seth Rogaine or whatever. Whats he do. Well he mostly play’s the same role. YOU KNOW THE ONE I MEAN.

So how was it. Well it was surprisingly good and a lot more emotional than the preview’s make you do a thinksOf. How so. Well I aint gonna spoil it but it’s real good. Should I do a See’s. Yes. Also a Sad.

I would rate this Movie Filme a Four Gary’s Out of Bruce.


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