I Seen A Cartoon Filme!

Yes its true I seen a filme again. Already. Yes already itd been a few days. Whatd you see this time. well today we got a special Feature from the 70s [citation needed] tis a cartoon but not like your kiddies cartoon!!! What!

I said not like your kids cartoons what why not. well its for adults. How so how can that be! Its rated X.

Yeah that’s right we done see’s of a filme Fritz the Cat. Oh did you. yes. are you ok. Yeah I feel great today.


Well what

How was it.

Oh right the ye old cartoon movie reviewe sorry I got distracted. Where was i. oh it was p stupid. Basically this dumb cat does a bunch of No-No’s and it shows weird anthropomorphic scenes if you know what I mean. ThingDos. Yes that. it were mad dumb.

This cat does bad’s and then somehow starts a revolution I guess.

Whyd you watch it it sounds dumb.

I dunno it was p dumb. Even the sound was atrocious like it was never mastered properly. The animation were terrible at most points too.

I give it four Here I Will Do Pets (out of 84).


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