Landlord Seen Another Filme!

This post was by Landlord. Why! Cuz he wrote it ya dummy.

I seen a Filme!

 What Filme. It was Wisconsin Death Trip. That’s a book! Yes but it is also movie. Oh. It came out in 1999 and there is a Prince song about that year. This was after grunge was king. Cinemax made it lol.

 The movie (and book) is about all the crazy things that did a happens in the 1890s in Black River Falls and surrounding areas of Wisconsin. It has a lot of similar themes in people thinking society is doing a fall aparts cuz people do weirds like a guy doing too many alcohols and bashing his infants head in just because! The best part is the lady who travels Wisconsin smashing windahs. This is a real thing. She got arrested a bunch and would get out and smash windahs. She loved to smash windahs.

 Well what did you think. It was ok. The movie is about 75 minutes and at times it feels like they stretched to find material for it. The book is about 150 pages so it seems like they could of recanted more stuff and done more interestings because there were more in the book! I’d give it 7 out of 10 owls.



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