I Seen A Filme With A Owle

I seen a filme!  What did you do seens of. Well. oh well it was that movie Mega 8 or whatever. mega man 8? No Super 8 sorry I was distracted.

 Why is it called that. what oh I was still distracted sorry again its this dang owl I am trying to get a license to raise him as a pet. Where was i.

 Oh yes super 8. I don’t know why they called it that becau



 *glass breaking sound effect*

 ……………..sorry for that the owl seen me bring up the Super 8 site on World Wide Web Film Database or whatever and he tried to dive-bomb at the screen cuz he hated that movie. Why did he hate it. well the worst part was the parts with the alien monster where it does a grabs of some guys. Whats so sca-gary about that. well it were real frightening if you aint like monsters. It also were scary for bad CGI which stands for computer graphics illustrated. I didn’t think it was sca-gary but the owl did <– the owl said that

 Oh so its like this documentary I seen the Goonies with them kids only they got a video camera and their makin a movie about zombies or something it was p stupid actually child actors are dumb.


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