I Seen A Filme!

Hi there friends!  we seen another film. You did!  Why!  well because it was time for moviez dude!

 What did you seen.

 I seen a did seen well is it of well uh The Artist. In france they call it Le Artiste why is that different? Well its another language that’s why oh of course. so how were the filme what did you seen in it.

 This was a different kind of filme. Why. well all the actors are real quiet like they don’t do a says. Is the sound broken. No. how do you know. well I can still hear other things so I am not deaf! Did you try turning up the speakers. I did. Were they loud. Well its got music but no talks. What. I said theirs no talks in it! it sometimes does a shows of words instead. What do you mean. well you see their mouth’s move but no words come out, why. I don’t know!!

 What other problems did they filmmakers have. Apparently they had to use really old film from before there was color. You mean color film. No I mean before they invented colors at all. What, that makes no sense, oh, your right. anyway there is no color!!

 How were it, I mean how was it. what. What? The filme. It was p good I think it was “cute” or “charming” or whatever. why. well it was a Story and things took place in it like some acting and Events. Ok thanks!!


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