I Seen A Filme!

Hi its me. Who! Me. Oh.

What do you want.

 I want to talk to you……………..about a filme!


 Well I seen a filme again and this time it was Tom Cruise Presents Oblivion. Oh that filme eh. Yep. Well. Well what. How were it?

 Oh sorry it were ok I was distracted by scienceology or whatever. Why. Cuz its important. Is it. Nope! Just pulling your leg! Why. For fun. Oh is this what its like to have friends. I don’t know. 😦

 Anyhow hes p. fancy in it why. Because in future they dress better. Oh they do eh! Yes! They wear suits and stuff and plastic. Oh ok good to know. What else. Its got some stuff and a thing happened with the Moon. What. It got hurt! Owie! What else. It had a couple people in it and the Kingslayer oh really! Yeah!

I give it four Morrowinds out of Skyrim. Why! It’s a joke get it.


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