I seen a Filme!

ed note: We seen this filme last winter!

I seen another movie last night. Why. well cuz Reasons. Ok what did you see. I seen this filme [European spelling]


Whats it about. Well its basically been in Makes for 30 years or something and Aladdin ripped off a bunch of it. Oh. The edit we seen was a fan one where it had a ton of stuff. Like what well like some scenes are just storyboarded so far oh weird yeah it kinda was whyd you watch it oh cuz Reasons remember. Well isn’t it. Oh some scenes were p. insane like how is this drawn by hand! Well, how!! That’s a computer drawing!  No it isn’t.

did you like the filme.

Yes it was ok.  Why. well I don’t know.

8.5/11 star’s


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